Hi there!

I'm Jackie

There was so much joy and relief as I began healing my body. There was a moment when I realize how everything is connected; my food, environment, home, relationships. It’s a wonderful feeling when you start to prioritize your wellness. I can’t wait to work with you to make that happen.

I am proud of my career as a pharmacist, and grateful for my knowledge of conventional medicine. However, after going through my own health journey, I am convinced there are better ways to improve health without medications as "bandaids" for larger, underlying issues.

my Story

Where I started...

All my life I thought I was healthy because I had been active and kept my weight under control. I exercised often and would go to Dairy Queen after my workouts for a blizzard. I had earned a treat working right? I looked healthy on the outside but inside my body was suffering from exposure to stress and toxins from the foods I ate and the products I put on my skin.

my Story

The diagnosis ...

I will never forget the phone call with my surgeon when he informed me that I had breast cancer. It was aggressive and needed to be removed as soon as possible. I was so confused! I felt like I was in great shape and had been living a healthy lifestyle - I was only 40!  Now I had doctor's appointments week after week and began to dread getting older - if I could make it through cancer.

my Story

A new education ...

After being diagnosed, I began studying cancer and why it showed up so early in my life. Was it radiation from my electronic devices, the chemicals sprayed on my food, or could it have been the chemicals in my skincare? As I began to study, I realized all of it was poisoning my body. This is where my natural health care journey began.

My education as a pharmacist was focused on conventional medicine which subscribes to the idea that for each disease there is a drug that can help. Conventional medicine, for the right disease, can be a wonderful and life-saving option, but I wanted to know when there might be another, more natural path to wellness.

my Story

Where I am now ...

Becoming educated in the world of natural health options gave me better solutions for my health and my client's health.  I am now a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. I regularly use and recommend essential oils as a solution for everything from mood to sleep issues. I work with a lab to provide GI and hormone tests that help my clients find the root causes of their symptoms. My combined knowledge of conventional medicine and natural medicine gives me a complete toolkit to help my clients heal.