Create a business with doTERRA

Become a Wellness Advocate

Turn your love of wellness and essential oils into a thriving business with doTERRA.

Create Income

Earn a primary income or supplement your income with your doTERRA business. My team can guide you to success no matter what your goals are.

A Flexible Lifestyle

One of the most valuable things about a doTERRA business is the flexibility. Work as much or as little as you like, live anywhere you want, choose your own hours, and take time off when you need it.

Support for your Business

My team will help you grow a successful business for your self, not BY yourself. With educational materials and business growth guidance, we ensure amazing results for the wellness community you create and the business you build.

doTERRA Calming Blend roller, capsules, and oil

doTERRA is the perfect compliment to an already established wellness business.

Connect with other wellness professionals on our team for ways to incorporate oils into your practice. You can elevate the wellness you’re already bringing to your clients while you create another revenue stream.

Massage Therapist
Yoga + Pilates Studio
Midwife, Doula, Nurse
Physical Therapist
Health Coach
Certified Nutritionist
Branching Out

My story with doTERRA

In 2014 I was introduced to essential oils. I had never heard of essential oils, and as far as I was concerned it was the same as snake oil. However, I had a wart on my finger I coudn’t get rid of (I had tried every otc product on the shelf), so I decided that that if doTERRA essential oils could get rid of the wart, I would give doTERRA a chance. My wart disappeared after 4 days!  

I began learning about essential oils and how I could use them help people with their health more naturally. doTERRA’s oils were so effective that I began teaching classes at my pharmacy. I was astonished at the number of people who began to reach out looking for natural solutions for their ailments.

Value for my wellness business

I use doTERRA essential oils in many of the protocols that I create for my clients. They have been a wonderful addition to my toolkit for natural healing.

Flexibility for my family

Being a full time pharmacist and running my own coaching buiness is a lot of work. But my work with doTERRA can be done whenever and wherever I want.

Residual income every month

The residual income from doTERRA gives me so much peace of mind mont over month. I’m able to pay for the oils my family uses, and supplement my income.

It’s important to join the right team.

Choosing the right team is the most important decision you’ll make. My team owes its success to our members who are medical professionals and wellness leaders. We are continually creating ongoing science-based curriculum to support our team and our clients. We are committed to your continued growth and success, both personally and professionally.

Guided by Medical Professionals

My team includes nurses, doctors, therapists and wellness professionals who have years of experience in both western medicine and alternative medicine. These professionals have turned their focus to essential oils, and with their mentorship you’ll be able improve your own well-being and become a knowledgeable resource for your customers.

Average Monthly Income

Our business builders enjoy a monthly income that is driven by their desires. Many easily achieve this goal in year or two. Some people want to make 100 dollars a month and some want to make 10,000 dollars a month. The income goal is completely up to you! The results are not guaranteed and completely reliant on how engaged and active you are in building the business.

Wellness Professionals

Many of our team members already run successful practices and have added doTERRA essential oils to their offerings. They guide our new members with tips on how to incorporate doTERRA into existing businesses like health coaching, massage therapy, acupuncture etc.

Customer Retention Rate

Because of the educational resources and support our team provides, our customers see dramatic changes in their health, and become enthusiastic doTERRA users. This creates a high retention rate - the backbone of a residual income business with doTERRA.

new Members

Welcome to our team

  • ✓ Wholesale Discount
  • ✓ Wellness guide with doTERRA products
  • ✓ Samples + Essential Oils User Guide
  • ✓ Access to 8 series continuing education course with free gift upon completion
  • ✓ Access to private facebook group with 24/7 question and answer response
Ongoing Support

Team Support

  • ✓ Monthly Team Calls
  • ✓ Courses, Guides, Mentorship
  • ✓ Monthly one on one business meeting with Jackie
  • ✓ Personal Development opportunities to grow as a person and a leader. We want you to be your best self!
  • ✓ Business building system that directs you step by step on how to build the business
  • ✓ Weekly online class with Jackie that you can invite potential customers to...we believe in leveraging each others gifts to help build our respective businesses
  • ✓ Fun!! We are like a big family! We enjoy spending time together every year at our annual conference and we have a blast together! Joining us means you join a unique community of women who lift each other up!
Get Started
new Members

Consultation With Jackie

  • ✓ 30-minute virtual call
  • ✓ Discuss your top 3-5 wellness goals
  • ✓ Essential oil + supplement protocols corresponding to wellness goals
  • ✓ Printed copy of recommended protocols
  • ✓ Overview of the essential oils you purchased in your kit
Becoming a wellness advocate

Anxious about starting? That's OK!

My team is here to guide you every step of the way! If you are coachable, capable, committed to wellness & your own personal growth, and motivated to guide others, you’ll make an amazing Wellness Advocate.

"I don't feel like I know enough about oils to guide anyone else..."

Our team is here to educate you. The Organic South team is made up, in large part, by medical professionals who have years of experience in both western medicine and alternative medicine. These professionals have turned their focus to essential oils and are here to educate you. With their guidance you’ll be able improve your own well-being and become a knowledgeable guide for your customers.

“I don’t think I can sell anything...”

Don’t let the fear of selling stop you! If you get excited to recommend your favorite pair of yoga pants or the new book you’re obsessed with, then you already have a sharing mindset. With an in-depth education from our team, you’ll discover that what you have to offer can change people’s lives in a way that exceeds even the best pair of yoga pants!

Branching out

“I’m nervous that I’ll make the investment and then won’t succeed...”

doTERRA has one of the smallest start up investments in the network marketing world. No need to buy a big kit or hold inventory. You can start with as few as 3 oils and some online class materials. The only commitment you make out of the gate is to living the doTERRA lifestyle and buying $100 in oils each month to support your commitment to the doTERRA wellness lifestyle! You are entering into a team that is committed to empowering you so that you can make your business as successful as you want it to be.

Are you interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate? Do you have questions and want to learn more?

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