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What are essential oils and how can they be used?

Essential oils are extracts that come from plants. They're made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves, or fruit) to capture the compounds that produce fragrance. It can take several pounds of a plant to produce a single bottle of essential oil.


Using essential oils aromatically can influence your body in a number of ways. Our sense of smell affects the stimulation of hormones and other metabolic processes through physiological pathways.


Your skin can easily absorb the molecular structure of essential oils and the benefits can be felt in a matter of moments!  A drop or two of peppermint oil can help relax tight muscles and lavender added to a bath creates a soothing soak.


When used carefully and with the guidance of a professional, certain essential oils of the highest quality can be safely ingested. doTERRA’s essential oils are medicinal grade, safe, and effective for internal use.

Essential Oils For Daily Living

Essential Oils can be used in your daily life, in fact, I highly recommend it!  When you join my essential oil community,  you gain access to our educational materials. We want you to feel confident in incorporating these tools into your lifestyle.

Emotional Wellness
Skin Care
Beauty Routine
Cleaning Your Home
Weight Management

Get Started Using Essential Oils

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Step-by-step to getting started

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Healthy Start Essential Oil Kit

Healthy Start Kit

This is one of my favorite kits because it has the top ten oils that can solve most problems in your home + it comes with a cute diffuser that is great for home and travel!

Healthy Start Essential Oils Kit

Healthy Habits Kit

If you are looking to create some healthy habits, this is the kit for you.  It contains foundational supplements, gut support,  a supplement for energy, and key essential oils to improve your overall wellness!


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Are you interested in doTERRA essential oils? Do you have questions and want to learn more?

If you are passionate about wellness and curious about essential oils, I want to invite you to our virtual weekly essential oils 101 class.  Myself or another leader on our team will review all of the basics, top 10 essential oils to have in your home, how to use them, and answer all of your questions. Enter my name, Jackie Strickland, and my email address, , to the form so I can send you a link to the class.

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Jackie was very helpful and a true inspiration to me.  She was always very honest but never condescending.   She would always go the extra mile to help you.  I love Doterra supplements....I lost 15 pounds in about 5 months.

I have gained back a few of those pounds but have continued the supplements and feel very healthy!  I am grateful to Jackie for introducing me to this program.  I was just telling a friend about it today!!

Delinda Y.

After my chemo and radiation treatments in 2019 my bloodwork was a monthly routine. I could not get the report I wanted because I was anemic. I had been living on liquids through a feeding tube.  Doterra offered a trio of products xEO Mega, microplex VMz and Alpha CRS +.

Exactly 3 weeks after I begin the daily dosage I had my blood work and dr appt.   I was asked “are you doing anything different with your diet?”  I said no but I did start a new regimen of vitamins. She was so excited as she told me that my blood work was PERFECT!!!

Now months later I continue to find my way to the healthiest I can be with Doterra.

Lisa M