How to be a Gut & Immune Lifestyle Rockstar

There are many steps to take to fully support your gut health and your immune system. One of the most important factors aside from proper nutrition is the lifestyle factor.

You simply cannot achieve a healthy gut and immune system if your stress is not managed, you do not make time for happiness, and if you are not getting movement in regularly.

Follow these steps and keep this checklist with you to remind you that it’s not all just about food!

  • Reduce and manage your stressors.
    When the body is stressed, it can neither detox nor function properly, which compromises your gut and immune system. Choose morning and evening meditations to hush the stresses of the day. Make time for relaxing self-care like lavender-infused baths, yoga, and down-time for yourself with a calm activity that you enjoy.
  • Do something you enjoy. Every. Single. Day.
    Taking time for pleasure and fun decreases the stress hormones that negatively affect your gut and immune health. Your body deserves for you to be happy…in fact, it is essential for a healthy gut!
  • Learn how to say no, guilt-free.
    Setting boundaries and not over-committing is important for your gut and immune health. When someone asks you to do something you don’t really want to do, give yourself your full permission to say NO, especially if saying “no” makes you feel guilty or unworthy. In most cases this means you’re letting the needs of others overshadow your own. Over time, you’ll strengthen your “no” muscle and attract friends who support your need to set healthy boundaries. Remember, saying “no” to someone else usually means saying “yes” to yourself!
  • Be mindful of both environmental toxins and toxic thinking.
    Beneficial gut bacteria can help protect the body from toxins, but these same toxins have a known disruptive effect on the good gut bacteria. Even negative thoughts contribute to your toxic load. Opt for toxin-free household and personal care products and be mindful of your self-talk. Choose good vibes and remember daily to show yourself appreciation for all that you do!
  • Get moving.
    Exercise promotes the movement of food along your digestive tract and increases the flow of blood to all your organs. Plus, it is a great mood-booster and stress-reliever, and as we have learned, stress management is vital to gut and immune health.
Written by Jackie Strickland

I am a pharmacist based in Hopkinsville, KY. I’ve been practicing traditional medicine for almost 30 years, and for the last 5 years, I’ve helped people all over the country transform their lives through healing their bodies with natural medicine, food, and lifestyle changes.