Your Daily Gut and Immune Schedule

Making a few simple updates to your daily habits can help you support your gut and immune system for a healthy life.
Follow this gut and immune schedule for optimum health. By doing so, you can notice improved digestion, feel more energy, and reduce the inflammation that is causing you bodily aches and pains.

  • Load up on nutrient-dense foods and avoid inflammatory foods. Choose foods that are full of nutrition, like grass-fed meats (or if you are vegetarian, sprouted forms of both legumes and gluten-free grains), organically grown produce, nuts, and seeds. Stay away from foods void of nutrients such as gluten, sugar, and processed foods.

  •  Take a probiotic and eat cultured foods. Take your probiotic daily and enjoy a spoonful of cultured foods with every meal to add beneficial bacteria to your gut, and to help aid in digestion. Start slowly when first introducing these to avoid die-off symptoms. If you feel like you are having die-off symptoms, cut back on the amount of cultured foods / probiotics you’re consuming, and reach out to me, your coach, for help.

  • Chew your food fully. Give your digestive system a helping hand by properly and fully chewing your food before your swallow.

  •  Have a cup of bone broth a day (or if you are vegetarian choose a soup made with seaweed). Bone broth helps to rebuild the gut and can also be very comforting if you are experiencing digestive distress.

  •  Add gelatin/collagen to your daily routine. These two are also amazing for gut health. Collagen can be added to cold smoothies and even hot teas and soups, while gelatin needs to be heated gently before consuming. (If you are vegetarian, consider adding dulse powder to your meals and smoothies.)
  • Make time for stress-relief, and time for you. This can mean saying no (guilt-free) to other demands in your life. Your gut and immune system depend on your happiness and your ability to alleviate stress as it rolls in.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Your gut and immune system cannot be made healthy without you making adequate time for true rest. Turn off your phone an hour before bed. Engage in a relaxing activity and commit to at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Your body, immune system, and gut will all thank you!
Written by Jackie Strickland

I am a pharmacist based in Hopkinsville, KY. I’ve been practicing traditional medicine for almost 30 years, and for the last 5 years, I’ve helped people all over the country transform their lives through healing their bodies with natural medicine, food, and lifestyle changes.